Presentations or after dinner speeches can be illustrated with slides, video or via computer, or JBS will speak without any visual aids, as appropriate.  The talk can be of any length tailored to the requirements of the client.  

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JBS also gives talks for companies on motivation, team building and leadership, illustrating the subject with examples from his experience of leading and organising over a hundred expeditions and projects, often in remote regions.

The content can be in a serious or humorous vein on exploration, expeditions, travel, leadership, team building, motivation, communication and inspiration.  Talks include:

Close Encounters with Wild Animals

With dramatic slides and video clips JBS describes meetings with wild beasts including the giant elephants of Bardia, Nepal and tiger, lion, crocodile and gorilla.

With the Wai Wai in Guyana

JBS tells of his 2010 project assisting the Wai Wai tribe in a remote part of Southern Guyana.

The Path Between the Seas 

The story of the search for the pre Panama canal water route believed to have existed in Nicaragua.

Operation Drake

The story of the first of the great global youth expeditions.  At the suggestion of HRH The Prince of Wales, a new type of enterprise took young explorers of many nations into the far corners of the earth to face challenges and dangers that turn boys into men and girls into women - and give the older staff some grey hairs in the process! 

Using an airship and a splendid sailing vessel, it attracted thousands of applications.  Strongly supported by the American and British media, ABC, Survival Anglia TV and especially Capital Radio on London.

The Eighth Wonder

The discovery of strange underwater ruins and wrecks by a large team of Royal Engineer divers off Paphos, Cyprus.

The Conquest of the Blue Nile

 The story of one of the most famous expeditions of the twentieth century.  A team of British servicemen and scientists make the first complete exploration and navigation of the infamous rapid-strewn Blue
Nile in the mountains of Ethiopia.  Supported by the Daily Telegraph and Survival Anglia TV, the voyage of discovery has been likened to a real life "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

The Dahlak Quest

A remote and mysterious Red Sea archipelago is found to contain massive rays, sharks, exotic bird-life, mysterious wrecks and hundreds of blind people.  Supported by the Daily Telegraph.

In the Steps of Stanley

On the centenary of Henry Morton Stanley's trans-African expedition, JBS led 160 strong international team of medical experts, biologists and soldiers to carry out scientific exploration of flora, fauna and disease of the 2,700 mile Zaire (now Congo) River. With the backing of the Daily Telegraph and Survival Anglia TV, and using special jet craft and giant inflatables, this is an epic adventure.

In Darkest Africa - The Story of Stanley and Livingstone

With magic lantern pictures used by Sir Henry Morton Stanley in his own lectures and other early images, JBS tells the incredible story of 19th century adventure and discovery. Stanley's voice from an early recording will also be played.   The lecture covers all Stanley's epic expeditions as well as the finding of Dr David Livingstone.

The Legend of Livingstone  

To mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the famous explorer JBS uses early images and magic lantern slides to tell the life story of this remarkable man's expeditions and his fight against slavery.

Operation Raleigh

Following the success of Operation Drake, a new enterprise was launched by HRH The Prince of Wales.  The adventures of the many thousands of young venturers were only part of the story.  The real value was what they did to help the environment, wildlife and the people of the areas in which they worked; and what they did for their own communities on their return.  Widely covered by the media.

The Darien Breakthrough

The Pan American Highway running from Alaska to Cape Horn is broken in Panama and Colombia by the infamous Darien Gap.  This is the story of how in 1972 a large international team of servicemen and scientists make the first vehicle crossing of the complete gap, carrying out important research en route - a dramatic tale of human

endeavour under the most appalling conditions; JBS's toughest project.  Supported by the Daily Telegraph and filmed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mission to Magdala

The story of the amazing rescue in 1868 of some 60 diplomats and missionaries held captive by Emperor Theodore of Abyssinia on a 9,000 foot mountain.  JBS tells of his visit to the remote site where General Sir Robert Napier's expeditionary force defeated the despotic ruler.

A Life of Adventure

From the birth of whitewater rafting, over mountains and deserts, through jungle and swamp and beneath the sea, JBS takes his audience through his adventurous life, including the quest for a giant mammoth-like elephant in Nepal.  A very popular, amusing and fast-moving presentation with dramatic film and amazing archival slides, suitable for audiences of all ages.

Searching for Lost Civilizations - The Kota Mama Expedition

A massive project involving fascinating archaeology and an epic adventure by traditional reed boats on the rivers of South America, to unravel some of the mysteries of the past.  Featured by the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Daily Mail and BBC.

On a Wing and a Prayer

The story of the Kota Mama VI expedition seeking a giant meteorite in the Bolivian Amazonas area.  Involving the first use of paramotors on scientific exploration and the delivery of a pedal organ to a remote tribe.  Supported by The Daily Mail and featured on BBC.

The Grand Adventure

An incredible story of the delivery of a grand piano to a tribe of Amerindians in a remote part of Guyana.  Supported by the Daily Mail and filmed by BBC.


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