Colombia Expedition - May 2017

Sitrep 1 - 15 May 2017

Team now in Leticia and preparing to move to Puerto Narino on 13 may. Ticuna are giving us a great welcome.

Ambulance boat looking very smart and will driven up River by President Rusbel  Torres.

Very hot and humid. Ends

Sitrep 2 - 17 May 2017

Clinics at Sat Francisco village much in demand.  Reading glasses greatly appreciated. Wild life studies successful. Two camera traps deployed. Two mildly venemous water snakes caught at camp. Books for primarily schools distributed to crowds if enthusiastic pupils.

Cultural studies in progress. Ambulance boat displayed to meeting of village chiefs. Weather hot and humid, rains daily. Next base. Camp at San Pedro de Típica.

Sitrep 3 - 22 May 2017

Camera traps recorded rare sight of tayra and pups. Dentists and doctors very busy. Books for schools and reading glasses very much appreciated. John Arathoon doing outmost to repair many items of mechanical equipment owned by Ticuna, who lack knowledge of maintenance. Drone proving a real asset for air recce. Meetings with local Shamen very helpful. Now in 12 of October Village. Very hot and humid, heavy rain storms. Ends


Sitrep 4 - 24 May 2017

Ambulance boat has been used to evacuate a seirously ill seven month old boy to Puerto Narino and hopefully save his life.  Wildlife surveys have enjoyed good sightings of dolphin, mammals and energetic boa constrictor.  Team now based at very friendly village of San Juan del Soco advising Ticuna on establishment of an eco-tourist centre and a drinking water supply.  Weather hot and humid.  Many biting insects plentiful.  Ends


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