Colonel John Blashford-Snell is one of the world's most renowned and highly respected explorers. 


JBS supports and works with numerous charities working with underprivileged youth in the UK as well as undertaking countless community aid projects in remote parts of the world.




JBS recently had an unforgettable moment when he and the team met a 15 foot King Cobra.  This giantic serpent, the largest venomous snake in the world, can grow to 18 feet and carries sufficient venom to kill an elephant.


Examining video of the encounter, leading herpetologist, Mark O'Shea, commented "The team was very fortunate to see such a snake. I'm glad they treated it with respect and did not try to kill it, as many would have done".


  • JBS has just returned from Expedition to Assam.  To read the Interim Report, please click here.
  • For details of the forthcoming Costa Rica expedition, please click here.
  • For details of the Expedition to Sierra Nevada, Colombia in 2016, click here.
  • Details will also be available shortly for an expedition to Mongolia in 2016.

The video below shows the dramatic capsize of a reed boat during the Kota Mama III expedition in 2001.

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