Colonel John Blashford-Snell is one of the world's most renowned and highly respected explorers. 


JBS supports and works with numerous charities working with underprivileged youth in the UK as well as undertaking countless community aid projects in remote parts of the world.



Celebration after completing a water tower on expedition in Ecuador


As you will see in the dramatic video below, in July 2001 whilst making the historic journey from the upper reaches of the Beni river in the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean, the reed trimaran Kota Mama 3 crossed a number of rapids. 


However whilst attempting to navigate Ribeirao (rapid No 8) on the Madeira river, the craft struck a huge stopper wave and capsized.  Eleven of the 15 strong crew were hurled in to the torrent.    Miraculously all were picked up by the rescue boats, only two had minor injuries.


The boat was recovered downstream at a Bolivian Navy post and later repaired by its Aymara Indian builder Maximo Catari.  It then sailed on to the Atlantic.  An incredible journey of 4660 kms.


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Stunning Mongolia scenery

Conservation Knitting!

Knitted armadillo

Teddy turtles, peccaries and jaguars are currently being knitted by a team of ladies known as the “Knit-Wits” who are organised by Mrs Shirley Critchley, an 82 year old who plays tennis for the England in the over 80’s team.  Shirley will be going on the Costa Rica expedition with JBS. The knitted animals are being taken with them to encourage the children to protect the wildlife. 


Knitted armadillos will be taken on next year’s expedition to the Wiwa people in Colombia for similar reasons.



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