Colonel John Blashford-Snell is one of the world's most renowned and highly respected explorers. JBS supports and works with numerous charities working with underprivileged youth in the UK, as well as undertaking countless community aid projects in remote parts of the world.


Moving desks to a new school in Colombia

Thanks to the generous birthday gift from the Expedition Base Team, I have just enjoyed a flight in a lovely Tiger Moth, piloted by SES Member Annabelle Burroughs who regularly flies these historic bi-planes form Henstridge airfield.


I was allowed to fly this legendary aircraft for a few minutes. It is a marvellous experience which I strongly recommended.

JBS has just returned from an expedition in Kenya.  Read his sitreps here.



JBS was on expedition in Colombia in late 2017.  Read his report  here.



JBS is planning an expedition to the west of Mongolia from 7-26 July 2018.  Please click here for more details.

Whilst on a recce for the Assam expedition, JBS and a party were crossing a dry stream bed when they saw what appeared to be a black water pipe.  Suddenly it moved and they realised they were watching a huge King Cobra, the world’s largest venomous snake.  No one was keen to measure it but they estimated it to be 14 to 15 feet long.  The bulge in its body probably indicates it had just eaten another snake.  After some 15 minutes the reptile slid away in the bush.

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A Brief Gallery of Photos of Some of JBS's Expeditions

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